Ready to take the Next Steps?​

In today’s fast-paced world, running a successful business means staying ahead of the curve and constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve tailored a set of strategies specifically for businesses like yours that are ready to take it up a notch. From fine-tuning your operations to making your brand shine even brighter, we’re here to help you uncover new growth opportunities and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Tangible results you can measure.

For businesses that have found their footing but want to take things to the next level, our systemic approach provides a roadmap for growth. Instead of guessing at what areas need attention, we take a holistic look at your operations, culture, and processes through the lens of our maturity model framework. This allows us to pinpoint strengths to build upon and opportunities for improvement. From there, we collaborate with your team to set achievable goals that move the needle on the metrics that truly matter to your bottom line. Our approach combines an inquisitive mindset with real-world experience to deliver tangible results you can measure.

Areas of Focus

Operational Excellence​

Operational Excellence is the backbone of any thriving business, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our approach is tailored to refine your processes, integrate technology where appropriate, and harness data for smarter decision-making.​

We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your existing processes and workflows to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization. Our team will then redesign and implement streamlined processes tailored to your business, reducing redundancies and bottlenecks for maximum productivity.

Technology can be a powerful enabler when leveraged effectively within your operations. We’ll assess which areas could benefit from software/technology adoption, and integrate the right tool stack and systems to automate tasks, enhance collaboration, and provide data-driven insights.

Data is a strategic asset that should inform all of your key business decisions. Our approach focuses on implementing robust tracking, reporting, and analytics capabilities. This empowers you with real-time visibility into performance metrics to continuously optimize and make smarter operational choices.

Marketing Optimization​

Fine-tuning your marketing approach is key to staying ahead of the competition and reaching your audience. Our Marketing Optimization services are designed to amplify your growth, ensuring every aspect of your marketing is geared towards achieving maximum impact.​ ​

We’ll audit your current marketing efforts and analyze your brand positioning to identify gaps and opportunities. Then, we’ll create a detailed roadmap aligning your marketing tactics across channels all mapped to measurable objectives for attracting and retaining your ideal customers.

We’ll work to truly understand the core essence of your brand – the values, personality and unique selling proposition that differentiate you in the market. Then we’ll craft an overarching brand strategy that aligns all outward facing elements like your visuals, messaging, content and experiences.

We’ll dive deep to rediscover and articulate the purpose, personality, and positioning at the heart of your brand. This lays the foundation for an impactful brand identity overhaul – evolving your visuals, voice, and total brand experience to reignite meaningful connections with your audience.

Strategic Growth​

Strategic Growth Planning is the compass that guides your business towards its ambitions. We focus on creating actionable plans and setting smart, measurable goals to ensure your journey towards success is both clear and financially sound.​

We’ll help craft a flexible business plan that accounts for your growth ambitions, market dynamics, and potential pivots. Rather than a static document, it will serve as a living framework for strategic decision-making as you scale.

Sophisticated financial modeling and forecasting are critical for mapping out your path to sustainable growth. Our team will implement robust budgeting, projection, and planning tools customized for your business goals and funding requirements.

Setting the right objectives with clear, quantifiable targets is paramount for measuring progress. We’ll facilitate the process of establishing goals and KPIs aligned with your strategic priorities to ensure focus.

Once your growth strategy is defined, we’ll develop a comprehensive, phased roadmap that lays out the specific initiatives, timelines, and accountabilities. This provides a structured action plan for executing your growth vision.

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I can’t say enough good things about working with Mike at Upstream Consulting. I asked him to help with reviewing my business from operations to subscriptions as we were facing a massive increase in rent but slowed growth of new costumers. I knew my studio was overspending and could make a couple of adjustments, but I didn’t realize that I had so many areas where I could trim. Mike found everything from services to utility adjustments that helped us save. In addition, he helped us see new uses for our space and found ways to create additional streams of revenue. And finally, he helped us analyze the market, and determine appropriate prices for our services, some of which needed to be increased. We put his suggestions into play immediately and have already seen profits.
Sandi Cauley
Turn Cardio Jam Studio