We help businesses

At Upstream Consulting, we’re not just consultants; we’re partners in your journey. Our expertise lies in asking the right questions – the kind that provoke thoughtful conversations and uncover the answers essential for your success.

Every business’s journey is different, filled with unique challenges and opportunities, and we appreciate this diversity. We meet you where are, to understand your values, aspirations and definition of success. we are unwaveringly committed to your vision of success

So Where Are You?​

Just Getting Started

We'll collaborate closely to clarify your vision, set achievable goals, and develop strategies to propel your business toward sustainable growth.

Taking the Next Steps

For established businesses seeking to unlock new levels of success, we'll help identify opportunities and overcome challenges to drive measurable growth and elevate your competitive edge.

Telling Your Story

Craft a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your audience and elevates market positioning.

Ready for results?

Whatever you need help with, we make sure any solutions we provide are customized for you and your business and that success is determined by your criteria, not ours.


We dive deep to understand your business inside out, identifying unique opportunities and challenges, shored up with data and key metrics.


Together, we craft a strategic roadmap tailored to navigate your business towards its goals effectively.


Turning plans into action – and action into results – we're with you every step of the way, making success happen.

Not sure where to start?

We can help with that too. 

Why Choose Upstream?

At Upstream, we help you focus on what’s most important for your business’s success. Sometimes that’s obvious. Oftentimes, it isn’t as clear cut. Our approach requires an understanding of each client– their values, their business, their goals. We don’t pretend to have a solution until we understand this foundational knowledge.


Success, Defined on Your Terms

Your vision of success is unique, and we respect that. With a wealth of experiences, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’re skilled at drawing connections and parallels, crafting strategies that are as unique as your business.


Tailored Solutions for Real Results​

Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They are as unique as the businesses we serve. Comprehensive, holistic, and customized, our strategies are designed to align with your specific needs and are grounded in real, measurable results.


Comprehensive Strategies

At Upstream Consulting, our strength lies in blending a generalist’s broad insight with the keen empathy of an active listener. Driven by a passion for achieving tangible results, we love not only sharing our knowledge but also celebrating every win alongside you. Nothing makes us happier than when our collaboration leaves a lasting, positive impact on your business.

Working with Mike and Rachel really took a huge weight off of my shoulders during a hectic time in our business. They are easy to talk to, offer up great solutions and are incredibly timely. If you need someone to help navigate some of the back-end of Google, write ads or design a website I highly recommend Upstream Consulting.
Kayla Williams
Ironwood Automotive